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Rank Exam Requirements - 9th Kyu - Yellow Striped Belt

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Central Minnesota Karate Rank Exam Requirements
  -10th Kyu (White Belt) Testing for 9th Kyu (Yellow Striped Belt)-

This exam is for children who have been practicing but are too young to perform traditional requirements for yellow belt (8th Kyu) testing in its entirety.

If recommended by the instructor, the junior karateka will be asked to perform the following for the 9th Kyu examination:

  I. Kata Heian Shodan
Movements 1 thru 9 (1st kiai point) in sequence.
  II. Kihon Downward block in front stance
Straight single punch in front stance
Straight triple punch in front stance
Stepping backward rising block in stance
Side elbow strike in middle stance
Front snap kick, rear leg and step through
Front kick and straight punch combination
  III. Kumite Three steps forward attacking upper level punch
Three steps back escaping applying rising block
Final defense will include counter attack reverse punch

NOTE: Children are expected to have good manners and apply Karate & Dojo Etiquette. They must kiai and show spirit in there performance.

Sensei Tim Kiel
Principal Instructor
Central Minnesota Karate

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***Rank exam requirements are subject to change without notice.***


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