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Rank Exam Requirements - 6th Kyu - Green Belt

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Central Minnesota Karate Rank Exam Requirements
  -7th Kyu Testing for 6th Kyu-

For your rank exam, you will be asked to perform the following:

  I. Kata Heian Sandan
  II. Kihon Triple punch.
Rising block - reverse punch.
Inside block - reverse punch.
Outside block - elbow strike.
Knife-hand strike - reverse spearhand.
Front kick - punch combination.
Roundhouse kick, two steps, two levels.
Side snap kick.
Side thrust kick.
  III. Kumite One step sparring.
Defense and attack against upper and middle level.
Counter combinations using kicks and strikes.

NOTE: Emphasis for this level is placed on hip rotation, stance placement and overall strength.

Sensei Tim Kiel
Principal Instructor
Central Minnesota Karate

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***Rank exam requirements are subject to change without notice.***


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