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Need help? Hopefully the following FAQs help. If not, please contact us for more information.


  • Who can participate in karate training?
    Everyone! Students range in age from 5 years to over 60 years old. It is recommended that children be at least in the first grade before they start training. Karate can be a family activity. Most dojos offer family friendly rates. Talk with your local instructor for more information.

  • What equipment is required for karate training?
    One does not need any expensive equipment in order to practice karate. We suggest that beginning students wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, like t-shirts and sweat pants. Karate uniforms, called gis, can be purchased through the instructor.

  • Is there more to karate besides training?
    There are opportunities to test every three months for a higher rank. Students should get their instructor's recommendation in order to test. Rank exam information

    Tournaments are also available. Students who are interested also have the opportunity to participate in both kata and kumite tournaments. Participation is encouraged, but not required. Tournament information

    During the summer, CMK offers two karate camps at Camp Vanasek on Whipple Lake in the Brainerd lakes area. One camp is for adults and the other is for children. All students who are yellow belt and above are invited to these camps. Karate camp information

  • Is karate dangerous?
    No! While karate is a physical activity and accidents do happen, usually fewer injuries occur in the dojo than on the football field, the basketball court or on the bike path. The ability to control techniques; punches, kicks and blocks, is a vital part of our training. Karate movements, when taught by an experienced instructor, are body and joint friendly. We emphasize natural motions that improve overall health as well as posture.

  • What are all of the karate ranks?
    Ranks vary from white to black belt. Refer to the following page for more information. Karate ranks

  • What do I need to know so I can test for a higher rank?
    Every rank requires a student to master a different set of skills. Refer to the following page for more information. Rank requirements

  • How do judges score students during rank exams?
    Students are scored based on their performance in kata, kihon, and kumite. Refer to the following page for more information. Rank exam scoring

  • What is karate all about?
    Refer to the following page for more information. General karate information

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