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Karate & Dojo Etiquette

Karate & Dojo Etiquette:

As a Shotokan Karate practitioner with Central Minnesota Karate, please read and adhere to the procedures and etiquette listed below.

  • After changing into your Gi, please keep clothes and shoes contained and stored in the area in front of the Dojo studio.
  • Always bow when entering or exiting the Dojo, showing respect to the training area.
  • The instructor should always be addressed as Sensei. Other black belts and assistant instructors should be addressed as Sempai.
  • The Gi (uniform) must be a solid white and tailored above the wrist and above the ankle. No insignias allowed with the exception of a club patch. Do not use safety pins to hem or tailor the gi, they are not safe.
  • Good personal hygiene is expected. Keep feet especially clean and trim toenails and fingernails short for safety.
  • Do not wear jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets, etc.)
  • Do not practice karate in the lobby area. Absolutely no horseplay or running in the lobby.
  • If a student comes late and class is in progress, they are to kneel at the Dojo door until the Sensei invites them to enter.
  • When class is in session, do not lean against walls or sit down. No running or horseplay and be careful not to touch mirrors.
  • When instruction is given by the Sensei, always respond by sternly announcing Os! This demonstrates courtesy and alertness.

Karate Terminology:

  Please become familiar with the following terms and their meanings:

Sensei - Teacher Kumite - Sparring
Sempai - Senior student Kamaite - Get into, get ready
Karate-Ka - Karate practitioner Kata - Fixed sequence of techniques
Rei - Bowing Kia - Spirit shout
Dojo - Room used to learn the way of karate Focus - Concentrated strength
Os - A response of acknowledgment Otagai-ni-rei - Bow to each other
Yoi - Being prepared Shomen-ni-rei - Bow to front
Yame - Stop Karate-do - The way of karate (Philosophy)
Shiai - Contest Dachi - Stance
Dan - Black belt level Uke - Block
Kyu - Level of rank Zuki - Punch
Gedan - Lower level Geri - Kick
Chudan - Middle level Uchi - Strike
Jodan - Upper level  

Dojo Kuhn (Creed)

Seek Perfection of Character
Be Faithful
Respect Others
Refrain from Violent Behavior


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