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Karate for Adults:

As a beginning karate student, one does not have to be overly concerned of their present physical condition to start karate training. As your technique begins to develop, so will your physical well-being. Through systematic instruction, short term goals are easily recognized and attained. You will soon be performing a unique and valuable art.

Adult practitioners find it mentally stimulating and enjoy concentrating on their physical performance. Coordination, flexibility, and overall body strengthening are soon realized. Karate training will also provide an "outlet" to release anxiety and tension that build up in our day-to-day activity. "Exercise your mind, exercise your body." Train with karate!

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Karate for Youth and Junior Adults:

The karate dojo (practice room) aquaints children with an innovative method of etiquette, in which, among other values, requires self-control and respect toward others.

The physical and mental disciplines practiced in karate training have proved instrumental in developing strength, coordination, and endurance and also, excellent team playing skills, goal setting, and mounting self-esteem.

As young practitioners mature, their karate experience will assist them in other forms of education, sports, and recreation, and of course, self-defense. A "Quality Karate Program" is essential for the youth of today.

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Is Karate Good for Self-defense only:

History tells us that crude forms of karate evolved from the necessity for man to defend himself. And undoubtedly, "modern day karate" is the most advanced weaponless self-defense known to man. However, for an art like this to withstand the test of time and centuries of transition, there had to be a philosophy to nurture the spirit of its practitioners. The guiding principles of karate are to develop character, be sincere, earnest, courteous, and learn self-control. Though it sounds very philosophical, these goals can only be attained by the vigorous training and discipline karate has to offer.

The attitude of Masters past is maintained by Central Minnesota Karate instructors. The goals of karate today, along with self-defense and good health, are to develop human spirit, gain faith in one's self, respect others, and preserve a peaceful society. This is Karate-do ("do" means way).

Rank Achievement & Competition:

Central Minnesota Karate offers offical rank exams every three months for those who are interested.
Rank Exams

Tournaments in kata (form) and kumite (sparring) are held on a regular basis. Competition is exciting and a great way to test your skills. Central Minnesota Karate competitors have been very successful in regional, state and national competitions.

Contact Information:

For additional information on the karate classes offered by Central Minnesota Karate please feel free to contact us.


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