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St. Cloud Kumite Tournament - December 2005

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The following are the results from the St. Cloud Kumite Tournament held Saturday, December 3, 2005. This was the "Annual Invitational" for CMK. Forty-one competitors from clubs in Bloomington, St. Cloud, Paynesville, Morris, Aitkin, Spicer, and Brainerd participated.

Youth - Novice Section I
1st: Molly Pull - St. Cloud
2nd: Chase Gertkin - Sartell
3rd: Grant Meyer - Sartell

Youth - Novice Section II
1st: Eric Malling - Paynesville
2nd: Jack Grell - St. Cloud
3rd: Logan Kiel - St. Joseph

Youth - Intermediate
1st: Connor Theis - New Brighton
2nd: John Bates - St. Cloud
3rd: Emma Stevens - Paynesville

Youth - Advanced
1st: Joe Hjort - St. Cloud
2nd: Ashton Schulte - St. Cloud
3rd: Ben Youngs - Paynesville

Junior - Intermediate I
1st: Mirium Pritschet - Brainerd
2nd: Arjun Ganguly - St. Cloud
3rd: Kylee Bommersbach - Sartell

Junior - Intermediate II
1st: Seth Brown - Paynesville
2nd: Quinn Anderson - Sartell
3rd: Markcus Skinner - Paynesville

Junior Girls - Advanced
1st: Mallory O’Keefe - St. Cloud
2nd: Emily Aungst - Sauk Rapids
3rd: Samantha Dahl - Paynesville

Junior Boys - Advanced
1st: David Ruprecht - Paynesville
2nd: Ryan Brown - Becker
3rd: Garrison McDonald - Sauk Rapids

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