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St. Cloud Kata Tournament - October 2003

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CMK hosted a kata tournament in St. Cloud, on Friday, October 10. Participants included members from nine area clubs. Listed below are the results from both the youth and adult competitions.

Adult Yellow Belt Division
1st - Anne Hayes, Morris, U of M
2nd - Steve Nyberg, Hutchinson
3rd - Katie Hoffman, Brainerd

Adult - Orange and Green Belt Division
1st - Carissa Baker, Milaca
2nd - Mark Mussel, U of M Morris
3rd - Jordaon Steininger, U of M Morris

Adult - Green and Purple Belt Division
1st - Rachel Delgiudice, St. Cloud
2nd - Kristyn Herbrand, St. Cloud
3rd - Bentley Tyson, Brainerd
4th - Tavia Trimble, Hutchinson

Adult - Brown and Black Belt Division
1st - Michael Albright, Foley
2nd - Joe Seifert, St. Cloud
3rd - Nikki Hester, St. Cloud
4th - Josh Ewert, Milaca

Youth - Yellow and Orange Belt Division
1st - Jordan Hoffman, Brainerd
2nd - Allison Moyer, Brainerd
3rd - Lucas Tschida, Brainerd

Youth - Green Belt Division
1st - Erica Kotsmith, St. Cloud
2nd - Casey Loehrer, Hutchinson
3rd - Nathan Sobieck, St. Cloud

Youth - Level One Purple Belt Division
1st - Megan Tschida, Brainerd
2nd - Tyler Windorff, Hutchinson
3rd - Toni Terwilliger, Brainerd

Youth - Level Two Purple Belt Division
1st - Dalton Landwehr, St. Cloud
2nd - Travis Haus, St. Cloud
3rd - Ryan Brown, Becker

Youth - Brown Belt Division
1st - Taylor Schmit, Hutchinson
2nd - Dayton Hilgert, St. Cloud
3rd - Levi Gonzales, Hutchinson

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