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St. Cloud Kata Tournament - January 2006

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The following are the results from a St. Cloud Kata Tournament held Saturday, January 28. Seventy-four competitors from clubs in Buffalo, Bloomington, St. Cloud, Paynesville, U of MN, Morris, Aitkin, Spicer, Mankato and Brainerd participated.

Youth Novice - Section I
1st: Kendra Stark - St. Cloud
2nd: Janna Matheiu - New Brighton
3rd: Bradley Zimmerman - Paynesville

Youth Novice - Section II
1st: Tailor Haider - Buffalo
2nd: Danny Reis - Buffalo
3rd: Maddison Haider - Buffalo

Junior Intermediate - Section I
1st: Nadja Vragovic - Buffalo
2nd: James Reis - Buffalo
3rd: Kylee Bommersbach - St. Cloud

Junior Intermediate - Section II
1st: James Vordebruggen - St. Cloud
2nd: Quinton Dols - Brainerd
3rd: Daniel Zander - Buffalo

Junior Intermediate - Section III
1st: Matt Majerle - Brainerd
2nd: Eric Malling - Paynesville
3rd: Skyla Dalbec - Buffalo

Junior Advanced - Section I
1st: Ciara Pritschet - Brainerd
2nd: Lucas Tschida - Brainerd
3rd: Ben Youngs - Paynesville

Junior Advanced - Section II
1st: Zach Thompson - Paynesville
2nd: Ethan Grey - St. Cloud
3rd: Miriam Pritschet - Brainerd

Junior Advanced - Section III
1st: Megan Tschida - Brainerd
2nd: Jordan Hoffman - Brainerd
3rd: Ryan Brown - St. Cloud

Adult Novice
1st: Christopher Hasskamp - Aitkin
2nd: Sara Marquardt - St. Cloud
3rd: Daryl Bohm - Mankato

Adult Intermediate
1st: Kevin Tschida - Brainerd
2nd: Katie Theis - St. Cloud
3rd: Bri Boufford - St. Cloud

Adult Advanced
1st: Anthony Vorderbruggen - St. Cloud
2nd: Montana Karls - St. Cloud
3rd: Ryan Volna - New Brighton

Team Kata Intermediate
1st: Buffalo - Hausloden, Dalbec, & Peterson
2nd: Buffalo - Zander, Ries, & Trisko
3rd: St.Cloud - C. Pull, M.Pull, K.Stark, & S.Stark

Team Kata Advanced
1st: St. Cloud - Karls, Vorderbruggen, Boufford, & Theis
2nd: Brainerd - Tschida, Hoffman, & Buttenhoff
3rd: Aitkin - A. Schoonover, M. Schoonover, & C. Gabrio

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